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Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon - text


Wild mountain harbors a violent breed,
eager for blood and hard to defeat
Ferocious warriors raised on barren grounds,
raid enemy lands for centuries

Dagger in hand they rather fight till death,
than suffer dishonor through surrender
Steeped so deep in a culture of war,
opression cannot, root out defiance
Proclaimed restoration of imperial rule
(and) insurrection spreads like wildfire
The southern thrust of the northern conqueror
is met with determination grim

Armoured columns moving further forward,
the capital stronghold to retake
Ambushed in a hurrican of machine gun fire
a hail of mortars and grenades

Disgraceful defeat and burned columns,
tarnished power and might
The colossal armies pouring in by the thousands,
to hammer down those who defy
Wings of death stalk the skies,
and fire rains from furious beaks

Ravishing rain of metallic hail,
as the relentless power is released

Mountain wolves under a crescent moon
Mountain wolves under a crescent moon

Massive shelling of a city under siege,
reduced to smoldering ruins
Hungry dogs feed on the corpses in the street,
as black smoke fills the city skies
Death and destruction, ignite the insurrection,
resurrection of (old) rivalries
Rogue combatants operate from deep cover,
armed with dagger and RPG'S

Mountain wolves
Mountain wolves

Heretic warriors in a frenzied rage,
face each day with deadly dawn
Warlike clans of mountain wolves,
swear the oath of blood for blood

Mountain wolves
Mountain wolves

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