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Somethin´ In The Water - text


Joe’s got the Union Carbide Blues.
Diggin’ ditches since ‘62.
West Paducah, City on the Glow.
Tiny fingers growing out of his elbows.

Down in Building C-4 double naught,
Sons of bitches thought they’d never get caught
Guzzlin’ Golden Pond whiskey at work,
Beatin’ them drums down into the dirt,

(And puttin’) Somethin’ in the Water,
Somethin’ weird in the water,
Even in your daughter,
Somethin’ in the cold well water.

(So while you’re) sneaking gold out of hydrogen bombs,
Platin’ pistolgrips and carrying on
Your boss is doing the exact same thing,
Sucking atoms out of your sewage drain.

And that dense fog of uranium dust
Can’t hide those leaky buckets of rust.
The ugly truth will put you into the ground
So rise up and burn the pumphouse down!

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