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In a cockfight club behind the county dump
Chicken wire mesh and the egg carton struts
Dull the jive of the jerk and the jam of the jump
Cause the jook-a-billy shakin’s got em all shook up.

Pin stripe creases like the angled cut
Of JD’s jib ride the sharkskins up
To the shiny black specs which all but
Hide his eyes rollin’ sunny side up.

Rooster heads all across the back
Of that electric box of tweedy wrap
Are there to crank it or to cut it slack
That tone so driven home like that.

But that toggle button chorus line
Is thrown down flat at its halftime prime
‘Less the rooster heads melt into an alkaline wine
And blow its coop before it’s time.

Shakerag Holler! A big legged woman’s gonna steal
Your soul tonight.

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