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Take the finest wine in all the land,
Pour it out on desert sand
To raise up the rarest desert rose divine.
Teach the golden moon to glow
Brighter still on Earth below.
It will never match my Jipsy Valentine.

Let pagan gods be given charge
Over heaven’s shining stars
Have them twinkle till
They all fall dim and die.
The oasis of her eyes makes a mirage of the skies
They disappear near my Jipsy Valentine.

Make all the sirens on the shore
And any muse of ancient lore
Try their hand on the heartstrings of mankind.
Voices crack in the refrain,
Inspiration fades away.
They’re just jealous of my Jipsy Valentine.

Un-entwine the statue vine,
A Pygmalion design
Is revealed like the dearest of lovers’ lies.
So fall down on your knees
Prepare your mind to perceive
The perfect form of my Jipsy Valentine.

Beg the Tree of Knowledge dare to bloom
More of its fair, forbidden fruit.
Wring the nectar down in currents serpentine.
Though the roots grow up from Hell
Sip it from the Holy Grail.
No sin is sweeter than my Jipsy Valentine.

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Legendary Shack Shakers texty

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