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Haul your junk right up to the paper cabin shack.
If you ain’t got a dollar you can always pay him back.
In a clawfoot tub with his longjohns on
He goes fishin’ for the Devil in his hogwaller pond.
And sings the Dump Road Yodel til his voice is all but gone.

Sock toboggan on his head, tablescraps in his beard.
Throw a tire on th fire, turn and see his look of fear.
Testifyin’ to the shovel and prayin’ with the spade
He goes diggin’ for the Devil with the preacher’s pointy head.
And sings the Dump Road Yodel til he falls over dead.

Drive your truck back past all the happy local yokels.
They don’t ever see a thing and their seldom ever vocal.
Singing praises to the darkness and cursing out the light
He pulls out his Devil tail and cuts off his knife
And sings the Dump Road Yodel eternally in paradise.

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Legendary Shack Shakers texty

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