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The Pain of Parting - text


Making headway to all of the changes forced in my life.
I'm never waking up.
Everything's so warped, I'm missing everything
I thought that I once had.
I'm never waking up.

It's so hard for me not to think that
We didn't try hard enough and
Yeah, I'll be alright,
But you still have a family to think of.
I guess things just fall apart and yes this hurts
While you just chalk it up to
"Hey that's how the world works"

We have never been closer before.
I won't give up on ou, youcan always count on me.
And when thetime is right I'll see you beat these odds
I'll keep you close to me you'll always be my hero.

When you think the worst is over
All my nightmares have become a reality

This is not what I wanted for my brothers,
They need you both

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