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Suffering (ft. Tony Tataje of American Me) - text


I never walk away from the pain.
I push right through all the lies.
How did we come so far, how did we come so far.

Inside, I never had your back.
Inside, I never wanted to be loved by you.

This is a fucking war.

And when the time is right you'll finally see your lies
and where will your family be?
You always fool yourself into what is right.
There's no future in what you see.

There's no future in what you want to be.

You're not the same to me. You've changed for worse.

Your changing this for the worst in time
maybe you'll realize what you've done this time around.
I know your fine but I'm dying inside, help me,
I'm fucking dying inside of me.
Oh my god,Who was I to judge its your life but don't forget about me.
I'm one of you, your blood runs through me
Stop living a lie, you're fucking killing me.

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