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Eyes - text


I see it when you look at me,
I feel it in the way we breathe.
So heavily deep, so heavanly in me.
I get lost in everything we'd be.
Distance breaks us, it molds what we keep.
I would change my world and give you all of my honesty.
But can you give it to me?
Can you give me everything that you swore to keep
and the promises that you made to me.
I'm looking to the stars, while you’re staring into the sun.
But we both believe we’re looking where we shouldn’t be.
And it’s you and me against the world.
I'll never forget and I will never regret the feeling
that I’m feeling in my heart, in and my head.
I’ve finally found you.
I'd be lost without you.
And it’s you and me against the world.
I will never forget you.

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