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In a world that's far beyond our visions, exists a land
Beyond the gates of the rising star
Where dreams are the reflections of what will be
Our journey through this space and time

Minds of perfection and sorrow are the fiends that await
In the realm where darkness rules with no mercy for none
Will we see the dawn?

Through the portal we must go on to cease the dark, revenge is now

Mirror of what time will be
In our fight for celestial peace
For all eternity
Some pain will soon return to haunt
But our souls will be ready to
Lead on the way

Winds of the darkest seasons, embrace us all
As the crimson fire ends all in sight

Non shall show mercy or pity
We shall go on to the end
The key to glory after the blood shed
Will soon be ours
See my hate come out

The curse they spread across the sky will disappear
as they die

Solo: Both. Solo: Mauricio. Solo: Santiago.

See my hate come out

The curse they spread across the sky will disappear, as they die


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