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Rebellion against the fears that hunt us all
Riding through the dark forest as we hear our freedom call
Raising our fists to heaven swearing it could not be
An unconfirmed destiny dying without right

We're looking through the future
Aiming to reach the light
He dresses into frail and fragile armor
That with a whisper will fade to dust
His reflections are inside a river of sadness
And with due time it will be lost

Living in obscurity of all his fears
Ripping the silence of his dreams
A scream breaks out another prayer
Wishing to come back to shiny days

Search in himself and there's nothing to find
Trying to escape but there is no way out
Only the night will now show him the way
As his life gets lost a fairy tale

And I can't stand or bear to watch
All his life has turned to dust
Staring back at his memories
That won't let him find his way

You have reached the point of no return
And there's no way to come back
You have reached the point of no return
And now there is no return

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