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Listen to me father see my wings
A dream of a thousand days will set me free
Being guided by knowledge of the ones who learned to fly
Yet the secret of wisdom cannot be seen

This place I'm in, I've got to break free
These walls won't let me see my reality
My wings will help me fly straight to the air
Free from this labyrinth of fear and pain

I ask thee to take this please
Into the outside world
Do not forget us when you're free
We are all, you know

As I walk this lonely hall
Straight to the wall I have to go
My destiny has been always marked
To fly to the outside world
I see my father that warned me
"the gods will be watching you
feel no pity for no one
or the labyrinth will be part of you too"

I have failed to see the truth
The truth that was always there
My wings burn to ashes
and I am left to die


I can't be what I have dreamed
Cause I left behind my own self
I am now a part of this
A city that has no way out

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