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The Howling - text


Clean Verse:
I am a lonely wolf
The man who walks alone
When I look towards the moon
I see the face that kills me
The reflection of a face
Of the one who’s cursed me
And I beg to be freed
From this pain that feeds me

I am a vagabond
Without a place to go
Still I am surrounded
Yet there’s a hole inside of me
In time all is forgotten
Yet my wound’s still bleeding
This outlaw’s torn to pieces
This is the howling

And now I’m spiraling down
Back to sadness, back to madness
In this world of frozen chaos
I tread alone

I’ll drown my sorrow for tomorrow
I can’t stop
Chained to this hell where demons reign
Burst of flames
Scathing the skin of jest within
With no Remorse

I hear the howling in the night
I need you to save me from me
I hear the cry of wolves tonight
I need you to save me from myself


I know that I can find the reason
To become
And feed my soul with my desire
And the fire
That burns inside is now stronger
Than before


The moon is my bride, the one who never fails
And now it’s my turn to rise once again
I’ll pay my dues and I won’t betray
The moon who’s been there... I’ll fulfill my destiny


Outro (spoken):
I wouldn’t trade you for a shooting star, for you are the one who lights my night sky-everlasting.

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