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Embers Fall - text



After all the fires of inferno that the gods have spewed unto me, take me under your black wings.


All you are is a crystal liar
mastermind of all of this
Walk your children into the pyre
a perfect plan we just can´t resist
Should your slaves refuse to permit
your blackened sould subdues their minds
A myriad of labyrinths
A doctored state controls mankind


Burning scars remind you of that day
Nothing seems to take the pain away
Burning scars remind you of that day
The day embers rained on you


The deaths of dreams is familiar practice
in the end it´s all been planned
The pain self induced, in its justice
dogma´s deceit try the best you can
That is blood and the blood it stains
A doctrine that is absolute
No turning back for it´s too late
Hypocracy thy name is you


Chorus: (x2)

The day of absolution
When the absence of the one you blamed turn away
This is the day embers rained on you

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