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She's a popular girl
She's walking down the hall
Everybody stops and stairs
Cause she's a work of art
She drives around town
In a Corvette Car
You better watch what you say
She'll drive right through your heart
You might think you've got her all figured out
Don't try to take her hand its not allowed because she's
She's so untouchable
She's so, I don't think I'll ever get a hold
She's so untouchable
She's always got a boyfriend
Who takes up all her time
If you wanna get closer
You better get in line
She's listening to her records
She really digs that rock n roll
You're gonna see her at the party
You're gonna lose control
You think you know her
You can't get enough
I hate to break the news
She doesn't care about your love

Text přidal Green_Dave

Video přidal Green_Dave

Eager To Please

The Leftovers texty

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