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Lost And Found - text


Pretty eyes of electric blue
I got excited when I first met you
How was I to know that things would go this way
We were together for oh so long
But now you left me on my own
That summer night when you found another man
And now I bet she’s having fun
Chewing on her bubble gum
And I thought she was the one
But now I’m saying
Used to love me, now you don’t
I could try, but I just wont
I’m stuck in the lost and found
I miss you and you hate me
You never come to check and see
I’m stuck in the lost and found
Now you’ve found someone new
And now I’m lost and feeling used so
Baby I’m lost and found
Disregard the love we had
Cause now I’m feeling oh so sad
With no one that I can call my own
I used to sit around I never could complain
But it was love that you were faking
And now I can’t afford to play your little game
But that was the chance that I was taking

Text přidal Green_Dave

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