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I Want You Back - text


A Year ago today you were my girl
The only thing I wanted in this world
But now you've gone away
And I can't stand to bear the pain

Too many weeks have gone without a word
I can't believe I acted so absurd
But this is how I am
I gotta see you again

And when I try
To call you
You wont pick up the phone
If this is real
Then I know
That I'll always be alone

And I want you back back baby
Back in my arms
So don't lose track baby
Cause I want you back back baby
Back in my arms

I heard your name called out the other day
I used to believe every word you'd say
But now that time is gone
I hope you feel like you were wrong

Every seconds like the one before
I keep on waiting but you just ignore
The things I say to you
The games we play I always lose

I thought I'd lose you from my mind
But now you're back again this time

Text přidal Green_Dave

Video přidal Green_Dave

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