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Wonderful song - text


I'm here to show what a hit sounds like
Just gimme the mic
And I'll make it alright
I work in at night
And I sleep all day
All I do is work and play
I'm here to show you how to make that cash
To get those girls
To tap dat ass
To put it on smash you gotta be me
Or your CD's gotta be better than VIE
I write them songs to get those girls
Out them thongs
I keep that money blowing all night long
With a bottle of Patrón in my very own zone

I'm simply having a wonderful time
She's simply having a wonderful time

Of course I am
Why would I not
Life's like this
When you're young and you're hot
I blow up the spot
I threw up a lot
And I made memories that I never forgot
I smoke pot, drink jäger, snort lines
And whatever else you heard through the grapevine
That the state's fine and the girls too
And I take mine wherever I want to
We making it rain everyday
Cuz I don't give a fuck what the weathermen say
I'm better than they whack MCs
Coming up to me telling me
"Your shits okay"
Well sorry, but you ain't me
However hard you try
But you'll only be
Sorry, you didn't listen to me
I wasn't big then
But I'm about to be

Cuz I don't give a fuck what the weathermen say
Cuz I don't give a fuck what the weathermen say

Text přidala Johanka-_-

Video přidala Johanka-_-

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