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Time and Again - text


[Verse 1]
They tell me what my name is, Left Boy, that's right
This girl thinks I'm famous, I'm infamous for the night
Every joy's a way as much as take yours too
Please don't be upset with me, that I loose you
Like, baby, what's your name? - Hazel
I can only tell you what you already know
You can be my girl for the rest of the night
But I'ma be a stranger for the rest of your life

It’s just a little bit of partying and
It is just cocaine, I had some percocets
Time and again

[Verse 2]
I'm burning purple bridges, fucking random bitches
I got doctors taking care of my daily fitness
Gimme what I need, I know you got it
Crush some adderall, I've had it all, it's hard to stop it
The screen is so much bigger than an IMAX
It's all going by in a time-lapse
I thought I know it all, can't get my facts straight
She's asking me to stop but I can't wait


Text přidala Johanka-_-

Video přidala Johanka-_-

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