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The Big Leagues - text


[Verse 1: Left Boy]
Welcome to the big leagues, yeah welcome to the ball game
All of you is all lame, tell me what you all came for
Cause death is knocking on the door
So I open up and knock the motherfucker on the floor
Tell me what your name is, I'll never heard of y'all before
Your taste is real boring like a fucking herbivore
I go door to door like Jehovas witness
With a message from god: "Where them bitches?"
It is seven minutes past seven
Your girl is heaven
I'll bring her back at a quarter to eleven
But we're brethren so it's cool right?
Baby do me like your homework on a school night - all night
You'll get a D for that
You used to fail everything where the reefer at
It's a celebration and I don't even smoke
Maybe just a toke
I'm dancing around with Columbian chicks
Doing all sorts of shit in Columbia bitch!

Estas es la murga y que buena estaa
Estas es la murga del panamà
Eyy chacuchucuchae chacuchucuchucuchachacha
Esta es la rumba del panamà
Que buena la maraca la murga mamà
Esta es la rumba del panamà

[Verse 2: Mirakle]
Mira-killa no filler
Every line's a thriller
They doin' Jackson
See I put lines together like - Action
The verse showboat
You watching Captain Phillips
Yo they call me Mister BigShot, that's worth a Chauncey Billups
You flow aimless
I'm A-List on every playlist
You hit a fucking verse, I shouldn't even have to say this
The last dope cat that was born about the 80's
Your girl bends backwards like reverse in a mercedes
Hell, convertible type
We earn stripes
Serving them tight
We urban and white
Burning the mic
I had to put the price, you had to put the head out
We MVP's, tell your homies he was kicked out
It's rappin' time
Yo, these rappers better step in line
The way you rappers shoot a video, I thought you deaf and blind
Man they just not got as me and "F" with this
Nah they can't "F" with us
Yo this shit effortless

[Verse 3: Left Boy & Mirakle]
Welcome to the big leagues
Call me Mister BigShot
All of you is all lame
Burning the mic
Welcome to the big leagues
Rappers better step in line
Last dope cat born about the 80's

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