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Sunday mornin' chillin' - text


[Verse 1]
I got a text saying: "where'd you go?"
What yould you think?
I went home and threw up in the sink
Without a blink
I woke up in the shower at six
I'm still in the mix
And should not have mixed
Twix, with mars, add a snickers bar
Head to the bar
All I see is stars
Kanye whadup, yo obama what's going on
Shots with the president
Drinking dom pérignon
I've got it going on
People think I'm kinda cool
Teachers teach left boy lyrics up in middle school
So I've got 6th grade kids coming up to me saying:
"Left boy you're the shit!"
Yes comfortably
It's not a big deal
All I do is ill
Add a little of my skill
To a track and it kills
And it pays the bills
The YSL bills
The jägermeister bills
Left boy is ill

Sunday mornin' chillin'
I'm hungover
I feel like my life is over
I need to get sober
And that's just some hours away

[Verse 2]
No I didn't get kicked out of the club
The bouncer up front
Was showing me some love
I think he wanted me to sign his chest
Next thing I know
I'm arrested
I said: "Yo officer, you know that I'm a super star"
Toss him my keys and let's take my car
He's like: "Take it slow, sit down, let's go"
Backseat, playing left boy on the radio
"Wow, that sounds like you in the back"
"Yes sir, I go by the opposite of wack"
Smacks down, on the break, pulls out a M8
Asked me to sign it to his daughter, where pen stayed
I cooperate, tell him: "I'm running late, gotta go, love to hang, can't let my girl wait, you know?"
"Fo' shoe" and then I bounce
Homegirl: "Like how much did you drink?"
"'bout an ounce"


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