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Left Boy's Coming - text


[Verse 1]
I don’t wanna fall back on all that
They'd be down to call but I don’t call back
You’re just a contact
I'm in the city of dreams signing a contract
And if I see a bad bitch then I'ma hit that
Money ain't a thing cause I got that
She want a ring on her ring finger
But that's just a thing I can't do for her

Left Boy's coming, Left Boy's coming
One man army, one boy drumming
One day it'll all mean something
And I'm here to stay for my mouth keeps running

I don't know what I been told
I'ma do this 'til I get old
I been the good cause won gold
And I'ma stay on the line - please hold
'Til I get through, when I'ma get through
I'm taking number one and put you in number two
The ??? with the one that does it the way I do
I'm at the top of the playlist - brand-new

[Verse 2]
No one on the corner got swagger like this
Wear skinny jeans, credit cards fit
Abstract shit and Picasso flow
Warhol hanging on the wall
I pop Rosés, I see Rozays
Fuck bitches and get Monets
They're all like oh my days
I never heard terms like what he says



Monets, Monets (x3)
Fuck bitches, fuck bitches
Monets, Monets

They coming to get you
They just wanna snap that picture
You better watch your back
Cause the guys want money and the girls want cash

Go big/Go home, I pray that you get in zone
Go big/Go home, I hope that you get shit done

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