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Gangstash - text


[Hook: Left Boy]
I look into the anatomy of you
And all I see is a black lung
But I hang on to the chain around your neck
Waiting for you to look down
You won't forget my face when I leave town

[Verse 1: Left Boy]
Yo, my name is F
I spit hot to death
I am the next step
I rep, rep present you
L.E.F.T. B.O.Y.
Why, why don't ask me?
I'm nasty when it comes
To makin' beats and write rhymes
I don't make a lot of tracks
But when I do, they fuckin' shine
Like 50 watts, what, my what, what, what
I sick in the whole like a game of put put
And then grandma says:
'Hey, who are you?
Oh my, I didn't recognize
You look different
What happened to you?
Ooh ooh, I know you got a mustache'

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Left Boy]
This song is gibberish
Whenever I get the chance to spit some mish
I throw it all together
Every thought I hate liquerice
It's not deep, not true, not what I wanna do
I got this beat for a month
But still ain't speaking to you
I'm freakin' out like that kid on shrooms
While I'm in the next room
Reading in the fumes from the test tubes
What the fuck man?
Yo my brain's out of whack
I'm playin' back what I said
But still can't explain
That a rap is a mean to express how I feel
I guess I'm always depressed
If I'm being real
Nah, that ain't true
Because the times when I'm with you
I feel like everything is new
Like there is some shit to do
I need a girl who can
Sit back, relax and just chill
When the clowns spill
Then we got some time to kill
I need a baby boo boo
Who say I always be true
And I did really think
That that girl could be you

[Hook] x2

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