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D17 - text


Look, didn’t have a video
Didn’t have a track
It’s my birthday
I don’t give a fuck about that
So I made something new
‘Cause I ain’t really got shit to do
Turn the camera on, baby
I just turned forty-two
Minus sixteen
Imma make a big scene
Something like a movie, yeah
Put me on the big screen, ah

Flow like water, fresh like ice
Yeah I like nice shit
So my shit’s all nice
We all like Big Willie
In the cab with the dice
Roll up to the mansion
To hang with the guys
I rise from the dead
Another year’s gone by
New girls cause the
Old girl’s gone bye-bye
I didn’t get a text
From my ex all night
What the fuck? It’s my birthday?
I thought we alright?

I joke, I joke
I kid, I kid
Like eminem doin’ that
Tell-a-fan shit
I’m sick wit it
Check out the way I kick
It right in the groin, so quick
Got a speed ticket
Hit it with a bass-line
Shorty’s on tha face time
Comin’ on the weekend?
You ain’t sleepin’ at mine!
Gotta find a hotel, oh swell
Now I gotta shell out!
Them hip hop heads
Telling me I’m a sell out!

Shut the fuck up, man
I’m a fuckin’ genius!
I wrote this in like two fuckin’
Minutes in the evening!
My team is the meanest
Me and Mira-K, yeah we
Kill them every show
Then we put ‘em in a grave!

Whatcha wanna say, baby
Whatcha wanna say?
The kid is twenty-six
Gettin’ older every day
If you put me in the mix
Then it’s all a flambé
If your girl’s around here
Imma hit her with the hay
I mean hit the hay with her
Cause she hit me up on twitter
Saying that she wanna do it
All I gotta do it get her
Git her, get her, geet her

Get her
Rock a Left Boy sweater
I’m a fan of myself
Nobody does it better
Make it rain, every day
Give a fuck about the weather
Yeah I’m feelin’ like a nacho
Swimmin’ in the cheddar
Sw-sw-swimmin’ in the cheddar
If you hate me, write a letter
Put that shit up in your mom’s booty
Maybe I’ll go check there


Text přidala Johanka-_-

Video přidala Johanka-_-

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