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Back and Forth - text


[Verse 1]

(It's not the way it seems)

Look, this is what I do
I sit home and make music
On my own
I live in my own world
In my own zone
I don't give a fuck about what's going on
But I know you
And you know me
As soon as I run after you flee
And it's getting so fucking boring to me
That I'm gonna have to let it be

[Hook:] x2
Back and forth
Back back and forth
This such a bore
I'm at the door
I'm looking for more
I don't wanna see you anymore

You waisted my time
I waisted
All I'm saying in these lines
I must have been blind

I like to believe
That there's girls at there
That don't have to deceive

I come close
I move way
You call pull

You can't say I didn't try, baby
I try too hard
But I'm that kind of guy
I break all ties

And I play games too
But I can't compete with you, you, you
Yea, you gonna be what you be
But it ain't gonna be nothing to do with me


[Hook x4]

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