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wait in line for registration
protect the world from devastation
see your face and blast off at the speed of light
colored hair gives me a seizure
nose bleeding I'm a believer
skirt short like Edward Elric you're alright
stitches tearing on my cape
sweat loosening the tape
my buster sword's about to limitbreak
I saw you at the masquerade
in the costume that you made
girl you look so fine Perfect Blue my mind
but there's one more day
saw you at the masquerade
here's a rhyme for Play N Trade
gonna go from zero to Guitar Hero this serenade
tonight I'm gonna get
we'll play DDR you'll stomp me
I got Pocky will you glomp me
I think I'm stalking you like Solid Snake
take a look these lyrics I wrote
in a book the front says Death Note
join me on a hentai screening date
stitches tearing on my cape
sweat loosening the tape
grow some pokeballs don't hesitate
oh no it happened again
she walked away with her furry boyfriend
my kingdom heart is breaking
tonight I'm gonna get Lain

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