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Not Afraid Anymore - text


I feel Your lightning waking me up
From the sleep of my timid soul
I’ve been in hiding from all Your plans
Your command that told me to go
And I’ve spent all my life keeping my head down
But I’m lifting up my eyes
I raise my flag up high, my flag up high

I’m not afraid anymore
‘Cause I am running with Your fire, Lord
I’m picking up my sword
You train my hands and my fingers for war
I’m not afraid anymore

I hear the trumpet ringing out in these streets
Where kingdoms collide
So I’m responding
This is a fight for love, this is death or life
And when my knees are weak
I know Your hands are strong
And they are holding me
I’ll never be alone, never be alone

You’re chasing my fears away
There’s no reason to be afraid
Your love is here chasing my fears away

Your love is here chasing my fears away

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The Great Awakening

Leeland texty

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