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Good News, Pt. 3 - text


None of them knew it He would be betrayed by Judas
One of the chosen the few in His intimate group of
Close friends who professed love for Him to no end
They were sad they knew life without Him would be so grim
So Him and some of the disciples went to the garden of Gethsemane
He told them to keep a lookout while he prayed with all his energy
But instead of watchin' the King
Each time He came back they had fallen asleep
But the hour has come, men proceeding armed with swords
The disciples didn't want to let him hard the Lord
But Christ was aware that his Father's will was in this
Betrayed by Judas Iscariot sealed with a kiss
They took Him away, Judas couldn't look at His face
Think about what Jesus went through, look at His grace
Put on an unfair trial it goes further though
They could have set Him free, but they let a murderer go
I heard it was so barbaric how they beat him and mocked Him
Man that's God in the flesh, He could have easily stopped Him
But He thought about us and not Him, He was crucified
That's the most painful death, He was bruised, then died
Joseph wrapped Him in linen and placed
Jesus Christ to lay, put Him in a grave
They closed to tomb, even put a stone in the way
But when the angels came back the stone had rolled away
He rose from the grave, it's great, He's rare with his grace
Redemption for Adam's sin and all who will inherit his ways
We just got to believe and we'll be freed today
We should rejoice, make noise, cause we've been saved, from...

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If They Only Knew

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