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I'd travel the world with you because I know you'd go
And I know you've wanted to since I let you close
And I see the water, as we fly to Rome
If we have a daughter, I'll make sure she knows
That we are only young but we hope that we're enough
And we were so surprised with all the things you taught us
Until the day arrives where you don't fit in my arms
I only hope you grow up knowing that you are loved
She said I'd wait
I said I'd stay
As long as you marry me
I would travel the world with you, you just have to ask
Perhaps we should plan it through, with three seats at last
And I feel the water, as we run a bath
For our three-month-old daughter, who's just learnt how to laugh
And time is moving slow but you've been growing so fast
And you were born with eyes that help us understand love
Until the day arrives where you no longer need us
Know you are the best thing that's ever happened to us
She said I'd wait
I said I'd stay
As long as you marry me
I said, maybe
You'll come with me
And we'll start a family

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