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Wild at heart - text


I was born to bend the rules
Born to do what I like
Still you try to tell me
How to live my life
But I'm wild at heart

I like to drive my car too fast
I like to stay out all night
You say it's the wrong way
But to me it feels right
'Cos I'm wild at heart

I'm reckless thru and thru
I know that drives you crazy
But I can't pretend to be like you
One look at me, it's easy to see

'Cos I'm wild at heart, you can try to tie me down
But I'm wild at heart, can't keep my feet on the ground
Oh I'm wild at heart and you can't tame the child in me

I'm not ready to settle down
Me and love just don't agree
I wanna say no but I let you get the best of me
'Cos I'm wild at heart

You don't like the games I play
Boy, you're much too serious
Turn your back and I'll run away
Don't you see, you can't catch me


You ask me what I'm tryin' to prove
Nothin' baby, I've got no excuse
It's when my life gets too clean cut
I just gotta shake it up


Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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