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Why you talkin' down to me baby
I used to be your special girl
Lately you been acting pretty funny
What happened to the way we were
And all the things you like about me baby
Got you uptight, they got you comin' undone
I haven't vhanged a hair for you baby
But you treat me like I'm always doin' somethin' wrong
You know that I've always been true
But nothin's good enough for you

'Cos you're a tuff love, Mister Cool
Why is it so hard lovin' you
Oh, you're a tuff love, I can't get through
I've had enough love of your tuff love, uh-huh yeah

Can't agree on nothin' with you baby
I say yes and you say no
I love ya but you gonna drive me crazy
We're all messed up nowhere to go
Why can't you leave me alone
You're wearing me down to the bone, bone, bone


Oh baby you know we used to have
Somethin' so special so sweet
And now you're lettin' it all slip away
I'd love to know what's goin' on inside your head
And I got one thing to say to you boy
|:Better be good to me baby:| (6 x)

Text přidala Maribel

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