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Some girls do - text


Sleepin' in late on a weekday
Spend my last penny on a glass of wine
Skip a little school, take a holiday
I'm gettin' real good at gettin' outa line
Time to turn the music loud
Who cares what the neighbours say
I wanna dance all night now
No work all play
Mamma tried to show me how a good girl ought to be
This ain't my mamma's way but it works for me

Some girls don't get reckless
Some girls have no fun
Some girls never lose control
Some girls never drink or say a nasty word or two
But I gotta tell ya some girls do

I know I got a couple bad habits
Stayin' out late, too much T.V.
If I like what I see I gotta have it
Fall in and outa love like a honeybee
Look, heres comes love, I say he's lookin' fine
Boy, give me a minute
I'll make him mine
Friends think I'm crazy but I still got lotsa class
If you don't like it you can kiss my (what!)


Some girls are shy, some girls are bold
Some girls get hot, some girls stay cold
Some like to lie, some girls are true
Some girls don't but some girls do


Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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