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Sex with love - text


You can do it on the land and you can do it on the sea
You see it in the movies and you see it on TV
Some do it for money honey, but the real thing's free
Some people like the dark, some do it in daylight
Anyway you wanna do it, as long as it feels right

We're all part of a new generation
Everybody wants a new sensation
There's got to be some givin' and some takin' I say

I say we need a little sex with love (sex with love)
No better way now everybody knows
That sex with love (sex with love)
Feeds a hungry mind and satisfies the soul
Oh sex with love (sex with love)
An old idea that never gets old
S-E-X with love

Some ladies are conservative and others like to play
Some guys make a lot of noise, some don't know what to say
You can sing and dance baby if it makes you feel that way
Sometimes it's bad and then there's times it's real good
Some folks do it all the time, some only wish they could
If you don't watch what you're doin' now
You better knock on wood

(Bridge / Chorus)

And if you're just startin' to do it
You gotta put your heart into it
It's too cold in the world today
A little heart goes a long long way

(Bridge / Chorus)

That's what you need baby ...
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