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I don't need anyone
Didn't you read the sign inside my head
Frozen kisses vacant ghosts
Keep them locked up in a box under my bed
Too many bad connections
Goin' to build a wall of flesh and concrete
'Round this wounded heart
You say there's no protection
That every mighty fortress one day
Falls apart

Try an' prove.. me wrong
My mascara.. is runnin'
Must be somethin' in my eye

Some voodoo love potion
Or some grandiose act of devotion
Couldn't move this jaded soul
I am lost so I am cold you believe
The ship that was unsinkable
Did the unthinkable and sailed straight on in
To her icy fate
You make it stormy out there
Baby I'm not about to pray for, same mistake..

(Try an' prove.. me wrong)
(My mascara.. is runnin')
(Must be somethin' in my eye)

You say I'm livin' in fear
Sorry I didn't quite, hear you
My face is drawn my liner's black
I close the shades to block the cracks of ugly night
Sweet talkin' false security
Is what really swallowed me up in the first place
An' this bed of nails is lookin' good on me
Don't you think, I could be perfectly happy this way?

(Try an' prove.. me wrong)
(My mascara.. is runnin')
(Must be somethin' in my eye...)
(repeat 3 times)

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