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Well you walk into my life
When you talk you say everything right
You got all the moves to get me wanting you
You know what I like
Well it's bad, but it feels good
Feelin' guilty, I knew I would
I got a boy at home
But I'm all alone with you tonight
There's a chemistry
Between you and me baby
I can't deny it
Tryin' hard to stay away
But I'm runnin' out of time
And my heart is on the line

Dangerous, when we're together
One night could turn into forever
Dangerous, don't make me fall in love

It's a thrill, it's a shame
Is it you, is it me to blame
I just can't win, if I run, if I give in
It's all the same
Some kinda magic here
It's oh so clear baby
No matter how I try
I can't walk away, I can't stay
But I'm runnin' out of time
And my heart is on the line


Well you got me in a touchy situation
But I can't resist when I feel like this
Such a sweet temptation, oh yeah

Text přidala Maribel

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