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The winter was comin'
I could feel the chill settin' in..
I reached out to your fire
But the amber glow'd grown so dim

Like the crimson leaves falling
Last breath of a sunset sky..
Ah the seasons were changin'
Too late to save the garden
Too soon to see it die..

Cry me a river
Promise me the sun..
Everybody hurts
How does it feel to be the one..
Cry me a river
Kiss love goodbye
And cry...

(In a dream...)
(I stood by the water)
(And you watched from the other side)
(And you could clearly see me callin' out)
(Ya tried to run and hide)
(Wouldn't look me in the eye)..


And you left me standin' by the water
A thousand bridges, one step away... away....

Like the crimson leaves (falling)
(The last breath)
Cry... Cry....

Cry me a river
Kiss love goodbye
And cry....


And cry...

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