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Can't stand the heat - text


ou came on like a tidal wave
Drowned me in sweet whispers and wine
And now you're hesitatin'
Give excuses 'bout you needin' more time

But this I know, you got my body rockin'
Don't wanna take it slow
Tell me now
If ya can't stand the heat
Get out of my fire
If ya can't stand the heat

You say your heart's been broken but
That don't mean a thing when it comes to me
What you see is what you get
So forget about your history
Don't stop there
Finish what you started
It's not fair to lead me on

If you can't stand the heat
Get out of my fire
If you like what you see
Don't hold back your desire
Make up your mind
We're down to the wire
So if you can't stand the heat

I can't wait forever while you get yourself together
What's it gonna be (what's it gonna be baby)
Enough of all your talkin'
Baby get those legs a-walkin' over to me

(Bridge / Chorus)

Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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