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I went away for the weekend.
I sat back and started thinkin'.
And when it came to mind, I began to smile 'cause it's so true, it's so true.
Things never stay, the way I want them to be.
When I was younger back then, it was simplicity.
People care too much, but like the seasons; it all has changed.
I wish it wouldn't be that way.
Can't bring back what used to be, life don't stay the same. Thinkin' 'bout what used to be. Everything changes. (Life always changes) Everything changes, changes.
There was a time when I gave up on people.
Disappointment just led me to be alone.
Then one day I was told, to just stand on my own, and it's so true, it's so true.
Just forgive no regrets, gon on and live and forget it.
You can't go back again, learn to live in the present.
Learn from your mistakes, like the seasons it all has changed. Oh, everyghing must change.
Oh it's time to heal. Time to love. Time to let go and time to move on. It's alright to laugh. It's alright to cry. It's alright to be and choose life. (Mmmm mmmmhmm)
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