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I wish I could be like the king
Who said to his people: my friends
This is now the end
If we loose the battle
We shall live forever.
The people of the sun will remember this day
And give us immortality
Long after I've gone
Long after the sun.
I want to be like this king
But I can't stand the pain
My friends
And I keep looking for all the faces I had
Before the world began.
I've only know desire and my poor soul will burn
Into eternal fire
And I can't even cry
A sphinx can never cry.
I am standing in the sun
I wish that I could be
A silent sphinx eternally.
I don't want any past
Only want things which cannot last
And I can't even cry
Through God knows how I try
A sphinx can never cry
And sphinxes never die.
I'm famous or am I infamous ?
It doesn't matter much any more
Phony words of love or painfully truth
I've heard it all before
Appraisal or critics and even politics
A conversation piece
A woman or a priest
It's all a point of view.
I am standing in the sun

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