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[Verse 1: Yung Lean]
Flexing, flexing, Lean, flexing like a rubber band
I be ballin', I be ballin', all this money in my hand
Alcohol in everything, Sad Boys, that's the dark man
G-T-B-S-B, Sad Boys leave your body with the others man
Leave 'em in another land
See me, see me in that Rolls Royce
I've been counting all this money with my team, Sad Boys Worldwide Entertainment
Lean go harder, name any lame rapper, Lean much smarter
See me flying at you, living large, I'm living larger
I love this life, this ain't no departure
Swedish hard, but I'm harder
I've been out there working, Imma, Imma work harder
North Face bucket hat, hunna, hunna’s in my armor
So many plants, Lean could be a gardener
They step up to me and my partners
I've been out there, I've been working, Imma work harder
Rose on plants make me train sharper
17 years old, I'm going farther
Getting farther because it's me and Kreayshawn
Yung Lean bitch it's me I run the game
Tell your weapon let the rest run through your brain

[Verse 2: Kreayshawn]
Kreayshawn, Kreayshawn
When you coming back man you must be off
I was never on
Tell my friends who think I'm famous, no they're wrong
I'm feeling sad, the label left me cause I'm a mom
Now I've got a future but I'm still looking for where I belong
I cry my ass off every night but it's all inside
I hold my fist up and I shake it to them cloudy skies
Why me?, why me?, why am I so fly?
All this pressure to be cool makes me a sad guy

[Verse 3: Yung Lean]
Riding, smoking dart packs in the streets
Wanna get rid of me, I've been popping literally
See me up on everything
Sad boys style, good as fuck
I don't need no education, just a basement and some thugs
Louis duffle bags, duffle bags in my trunk
See me in the fucking club, at the back, blowing doves
Sad Boys is my team, no you cannot join
Flipping my change, I'm so fly for definite, flipping my coin, ripping your groin
Keeping these songs, emotional boys for life
Don't be so cold, sus the phones, telephone, gave right this earth phone
Demons inside me, that is so wrong
Hoes on my lap, wish I could take the time back
Wake up and she's gone
Stupid chains, ice in my veins
I'm Misaki when it rains, woke up and felt no pain
I'm happy with my friends, just want to remain the same
Catch me sipping champagne
Too futuristic for all you lames
Inhumane, think I give a fuck what other people say?
Got my team with me, you should turn the other way
Don't talk to me cause you know I don't talk much
Rolling up the Dutch, I pull up don't touch
When the room shines, I don't close my eyes

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