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Shawty what you sippin' on, Gatorade
Shawty what you smokin' on, lemonade
I'm up in the sky, finna elevate
Mix it with some kool-aid
Pop 'em pills cos I get paid

Galaxy boys
Reality is far away
Liquid love got me floatin' away
Up in the club, Grey Goose every day
Stacks on racks 'til my mind starts melting away
Smoking that jay
Posted in the bay
SADBOYS sippin' Arizona day by day
Day by day I goes away
Swerving swerving on this iced tea
Yung Gud Shorty posted with that DMT
Hash in the pipe is ABC
Cut their wrists and lay 'em down gently
Leopard colored backseat in my Bentley
Relently I pop two pills too many
I don't give a fuck I brought plenty

Champagne and lobster it's a rich kid party
You know what it do Yung Leandoer shawty
Rockin' bravo bravo charlie
Sippin' on Bacardi

Skinny bitches they die quick
Grim reaper on my dick
Fuck her from the back ain't that some shit
Cum in her face I ain't scared to die
I'm in my zone with my team, I'm so high
I'm spaced out, Arizona iced out yeah I'm that guy
Neon polar bears I drink iced tea all day
Catch me in a Hummer with your mother and Macy Gray
Million ways posted up in the Milky Way
Silky lake with a couple hundred bills to pay
Stuck in a Monday with Bill all day
Neon lights and I swerve around

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