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Safe Lined - text


It’s a new kinda new
It’s been thought all through this time
Liking being we and loving you so casually.
and feeling like you’re already mine

and tomorrow can’t take us
when we’re lying on the floor
being wrapped in your old shirt
and in my mind I can’t reverse
the feeling of wanting you more

it feels like the
my whole worlds alive
when I’m with you
it feels like
my hearts safe lined
when I’m with you

so please stay close
so please stay home

Feel it’s a truth in a lie when you say
you look beautiful today
never feeling self assured
until you say that you’d prefer
to sit in and talk all day

and the way you grab my hand
feels like white fairy lights
dancing all around the clouds
and darling if they saw us now


It feels like my whole worlds alive
when I'm with you and
It feels like my hearts safe lined
when I'm with you


Text přidala Deny2011

Video přidala Deny2011

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