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I want the days to go by
Half the year to be precise
I wanna spend all my time
Keepin' track of cycles of moon and sky
Smash your head on the pavement
Just to feel near to something new
And with your cheek glued to gum
Feel let down 'cause nothing hurts
Quite as much as missing those days
Of howling the name or learning of a new love
180 days, that is how much time it may take
180 days
I want the days to hurry by, without losing my mind
And go to a party, fall in love with every one that I meet
And the days will hurry by, half a year to be precise
But it's what I've taught
Counting every moment 'til I'm six months older
And that much farther from standing still
Still dancing in circles
From challenging every one and their mother
From being the worst kind of jealous lover
If you want it, baby, you'll get it
Crazy enough with the madness, don't speak of your sadness
Your one saving grace is your cute lissome face
But if you think you might die well before you try
I'll let you in on a secret
No matter the deep days of how it could start
It won't matter how dark you get

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