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when you're walking down the street no one sees a V.I.P,
i.e genius artist of our time
well I'll be the first on line to say I get it I get it I get it...
I've been waiting for so long to see your face.
I tried this one time and there was this huge line
and now we're standing in this very small space.
you never worry about getting rain on your brain,
getting sun on your fun,
getting sleet on your feet cuz today's the day.
I get it I get it I get it...
tres bien...

all the critics tend to blast you.
dumb ideas will outlast you.
money's gone you got no grants.
I'll push your work with my bare hands.
because they will try to convince us that we have arrived,
that we are already there, that it has happened.
because we need to live in the place where we are truly alive,
present, safe, and accounted for.
because we refuse to allow our writing, songs, art, activism
and political histories to be suppressed or stolen.
because we refuse to be embarassed about the mistakes
and faults and choose to move forward
with a political agenda bent on freedom of all.
I get it I get it I get it...
tres bien...

'cuz today's the day...

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