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Am I as naught? Would I solely be ...
... a mere collage of regrets ?
Fierce melancholy, let me dare
A journey to the epic within
To all known pleasures and pains
So would you guide me through my frescoed halls
To gaze and to see what I could achieve?
Let me marvel at myself as the absolute entity
And carry me towards the pinnacle of knowledge
My sweet child, of course I could...
Although there's one thing you ought to heed
Your most squalid sense shall be what I need
Is that it? Nothing more? Hahaha ha, so take it from me!
I choose your sense of hearing, my son
As the key to your ever-verdant plains of wisdom
And now betake yourself to experience majesty, hihihi
Chaos distilled to a unity
Impressions reduced to the fantastic
I vex the gods' minds with my intelligence
As I perforate the hymen of Great Alma Mater
I am god - only one - ever was – and ever will be!

Pitiable little imbecile, audacious and avid,
If you could only listen to your equal precessors,
Intoning wildly in delight:
Ave Mater, Morituri Te Salutant
Imbellicus Animo
Creatio Ex Nihilo
Cursed be my sonic reminescence!
Has the leader of this pas-de-deux
Been myself or treacherous you?
The affection I bore you was unreturned – ama et fac quo vis
Awed by your beauty and deafened by harmonies – non omnis moriar...
Phrenesis Puer Ab Alma Mater Est
I beg for being whole again,
I pine for being sane again...
Hear me....?
Acta est fabula

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