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On the day mama died she called daddy to her side
And said I'll be going soon
I know it's gonna hurt you both but promise me before I go
You'll do what I ask of you
In a big red Folger's can hid behind the pots and pans
You'll find some money that I've saved
In the back of my dresser drawer I put away a little more
For a rainy day
Go to town and buy that new guitar cause he's been workin' awful hard
To get his own to write his songs
What a memory oh what a memory
Even in her final moments mama thought of me what a memory
She was only thirty-five I was fifteen asking why the Lord took her away
He must have known we needed her she was an angel here on earth
I still miss her everyday
With all her friends and half the town and her family gathered round
I bet she never felt so loved
When everybody's heads were bowed I did my best to make her proud as I stood up
And I sang Rock Of Ages cleft for me as I played it on that new six-string
I couldn't help but cry as we said goodbye
What a memory...
[ steel ]
Even in her final moments mama thought of me what a memory
What a memory

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