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Little child
We've been waiting for the day
of your birth.
Now we're here celebrating
Your very first day on Earth
Perfect hands, perfect feet,
and those soft rosy chicks...
All my life I've dreamed of you my sweet
Little Child...
Little Child, don't you cry no
You don´t have to be afraid...
We're here to protect our precious pearl
upon and we make
perfect hands, perfect feet.
You've made our lives complete..
There's so much
that I hope full
for my sweet little child...
I thought I knew
what true love was before
but now I've got you
and love means just so much more!
Little child,
I'll be watching as you learn
and you grow.
And whatever you may go through,
you won't have to go it alone.
But for now just you rest,
in my arms, on my chest.
As we spend our first night
with our sweet
little child...

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