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Something Real (Did You Feel It Too​?​) - text

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I’m your biggest fan
Did you mean it when
You sang love is cheap
I don’t understand
Something in your voice
In the way you stand
The way you stare at me
You look so innocent
You’ll be famous soon
I just know you will
Oh I love your voice
way it makes me feel
I’m your biggest fan
You can walk me home
I just moved to town
Don’t know if I’ll stay
Don’t know anyone
Came to watch you play
You have pretty eyes
Like a child you are
Glad I met you now
You’ll be going far
You can take me home
Will you talk to me?
’Cause I love your voice
Just say anything
You’ll say anything
Just to take me home
But you made me feel
Something real
Did you feel it too?
Won’t you peel my heart?
Will you slice it thin?
If you can’t give love
Will you show me sin?
Will you sing to me?
Hold me in the dark?
If you hurt me please
Don’t leave any marks
You know loneliness
Is a funny thing
Things it makes you do
You know what I mean
You can have me now
I’m your biggest fan
But you made me feel
Something real
Did you feel it too?
Will you think of me
Many years from now
Will you know my name
When you sing my song?
Will you know my name
I’m your biggest fan

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