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Little More Time - text

Gimme just a little more time
And I'll be flowing to your door
Just like the sea though all my moves are slow
I'm always heading for the shore
I like to think I'm not a complicated man
But then again I can't be sure
So give me just a little more time, you know
Give me till the early morn'

I play the flute in a ragdoll suit
And you wear the overcoat
I never wanted you more than the time
You buttoned high across your throat
You held my arm like an anchor
Would tie itself onto a boat
And whispered in my ear
Where shall you take me from here
Looking out towards the coasts

Clean the table and go
Make tracks in the snow
Ooow ooow ooow

We're knocking knees in a traveling breeze
And swinging babies on our hip
My mouth is open singing Pat Dam Smyth's
"Slip John" on a city trip
I watch you moving
Through flashes in my life
On a chair where I sit
Your mouth is covering
Mine under blankets
It's your turn to give me the slip

Clean the table and go
Make tracks in the snow
Ooow ooow ooow

Clean the table and go
And you make tracks in the snow

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