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The closer you get to me I feel you pull away
As crazy as you seem to me I know you're just afraid
Stop making up excuses honey I've heard all kinds of lies
Start taking it like a man for me, here come the big surprise

Love you, get over it, I do
I know that it scares you, a little bit
Get over it, get over it

I think you can handle this, have your cake and eat it too
Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss I'm not asking much of you
And I can't tell you why or how I know you're taking me all wrong
Chill out, relax see how it goes you'll thank me later on

Love you, get over it, I do
I know that it scares you,
To have to admit to that you love me
Let's face it you need me, you know that you want me
Get over it, get over it, get over it

Your heart is pounding, your throat is tightening,
Poor poor baby it's all so frightening


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Calm Before the Storm

Lauren Harris texty

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