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He could fall and she can weep
But as holy are my feet and hard with mention
That dear they may not speak
We feel tight when there is tension
And our eyes can make us weak

And his heart was full of fire at the man he had become
And his soul seldom higher with the falsities of fun
Could embrace sweet desires and moments as they passed
But he feared it ever more, when he saw it didn't last

We walk up Holland Avenue
And watch the rich as they consume
Their product made our hearts exhume an emptiness unrivalled by
A hunger that I could control, he'd pray up to his God
That he might save their soul

The grey in this city is too much to bare
The grey in this city is too much to bare

And I believe we are meant to be seen and not to be understood

And I want to be held by those arms
I want to be held by those arms

You'll work your thumbs they are sore
And you'll work my heart till it's raw
And you'll call and you'll call but you'll never be told
And I'll fall and I'll fall and I'll fall

We are basic lives
We are basic lives

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